1) How do I see the recorded data if I do not have 2G / 3G GSM coverage and internet access?

If there is no coverage in the area where the Pegasus Station is located or
the GSM 2G / 3G signal stopped working unexpectedly, the device cannot
send the data to the server. In this case you can connect locally using
the EP2010 Software via USB cable and download the data from the EP 2010
to your laptop. The datalogger records and stores data for up to 145 days. Once
the signal is recovered, the equipment will send all the data to the server
without any problem automatically. (See page 22 of the user manual for
more information).

2) Can I test how remote data visualization works?

You can access our website: https://www.tecmes.com:8080 and go to
the option “User Login”. If entering test mode use User: demo and
Password: demo.
Also, you can download the App – PEGASUS MOBILE – for free
by following the same steps to enter.

3) ¿Mi asesor puede visualizar los datos de mi establecimiento?

Yes, you can create a new user to query data or use yours.
The number of users and access is unlimited.

4) What should I do to use the station data to run predictive models?

Using the API-Rest application you can obtain the data from
the Database automatically and then be able to run alert
models of pests, diseases, irrigation control, early warning
of floods, among others.

5) Is it very difficult to install a station?

The installation has no difficulty since only one Allen key is
required for the assembly of all sensors. An installation time
of 30 minutes is calculated.
If necessary, we can send videos and / or advise by telephone
to get the job done.

6) What should I do if the station stops transmitting?

1. Check the state of the station, for example, if it was moved,
if it is lying down, etc.
2. Check correct date and time, start of the modem and then
signal strength.
3. Verify that the SIM is active for data transmission and that the
Signal coverage has not been dropped with the service provider.
4. Test communication with other telephone providers.
5. Improve signal coverage by adding a Yagui antenna.

If after trying any of these options your station still does not transmit,
do not hesitate to consult with our TECMES team. Remember that you
can always download the data locally using the EP 2010 Software.
For more details, see question NUMBER 1.

7) In case my station needs a replacement, Where do I get it?

You should contact the technical service or commercial staff of TECMES
who will give you the detailed instructions.

8) What should I do if the sensors give me strange values?

First, check that the battery values are not less than 5 vcc.
And then verify the correct connection of the faulty sensor.

9) Are the sensors homologated?

All our sensors are calibrated to certified standards and approved.

10) What is the battery life?

The battery life is approximately 4 to 5 years.

11) I still have doubts, where can I contact to be advised?

You must contact the technical service at 011 4581-8360
or via mail to serviciotecnico@tecmes.com