Our preventive maintenance service offers complete reviews of system status, updates, operation checks, periodic and scheduled calibrations, as well as replacement of worn parts. The service is carried out at the site of implantation of the equipment and / or in the industrial plant of TECMES adapting to the needs of the client.

Calibrations are performed under strict procedures and the calibrated equipment is delivered with the corresponding Technical Reports and Calibration Certificates.


With the right training, you will learn how to take advantage of all the benefits and tools that your equipment provides. Frequently, we organize introductory training in our own facilities; or also in offices and external facilities, specific to each client. We include training in software, hardware as well as maintenance and use of the equipment.

Red de estaciones hidrometeorológicas "Tigre"
Red hidrológica "Itaipú"
Red hidrológica "Itaipú"


The effective use of real-time data requires software. Tecmes offers complete computer systems and application software for its remote stations. Consult the Software and Computer Systems section of the catalog for a complete description of our excellent software products such as SAT 2.

We develop custom software including applications, alarm systems, models etc. according to customer needs.


Tecmes offers a complete facilities service that includes, from field visits to corroborate that the site is suitable for the installation of hydrometeorological equipment, as well as that it has GPRS / 3G signal coverage for telemetric communication. Our work is complemented by the assembly of plans and installation diagrams for proper documentation of the work. We also offer to perform the required civil work and of course the commissioning and operation of the equipment.
This service is offered throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic and also abroad in neighbouring countries.

The management and administration software of the hydrometeorological station networks is usually installed remotely, but we also perform hardware installations of Central Station and Software if required.

The service is completed with total customer satisfaction and is also guaranteed by TECMES.

instalación de estación meteorológica Pegasus
intalación de estación meteorológica profesional Meteortec
instalación de estación meteorológica Meteortec
puesta en marcha de estación meteorológica Pegasus

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