Soil Moisture Sensor TS 254

sensor de humedad de suelo
sensor de humedad de suelo

Featured Features:

• High durability
• High stability
• Easy installation
• Free maintenance

The TS254 soil moisture sensor measures the dielectric constant of the soil which is directly related to the water content of the soil.

The sensor consists of a pair ofelectrodes encapsulated in epoxy resin, containing an electronic circuit that measures the dielectric capacity of the medium at a frequency of 5MHz.

This sensor, of very high durability, is not influenced by the salinity or conductivity in a soil suitable for agriculture.

The most important application of this sensor is to be able to decide when and how much to irrigate in controlled irrigation systems.

Being easily connected to Weather Stations, recorders, etc., it is possible to start irrigation automati.cally when the humidity levels fall below a user-determined value, as well as cut off the water supply when the humidity increasesto the optimum default value of the crop.


Range: 0 – 100% of field eapacity
Tipe: eneapsulated electronie
Principie of operation: Variation of Dielectric Constant of the soil
Precition: +/- 5 %
Output: 0.5 – 3.3Vcc
Power Supply: 5.5 – 16 Vcc
Diameter: 30mm
Length: 170mm
Encapsulated: IP68
Materials: epoxi resin
Length of cable: 5 mts

* Other specifications and ranges available upon request.

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