Leaf Wetness Sensor TS 253

sensor de humedad de hoja

Featured Features:

  • The maximum electrical output is achieved for a wet
    sensor, which is approximately 0.01 times the power
    supply connected to the sensor.

The TS253 Sensor is designed to simulate a sheet and measure the dry / wet condition.
To do this, it uses a printed circuit board on which there are 2 conductive lines with a certain proximity to each other which are covered in gold to prevent corrosion from exposure to the weather. These 2 conductive lines are insulated, in the presence of moisture on the surface there is an electrical conduction between them. This can be interpreted as a variable resistance depending on the degree of existing humidity:


  • Dry Sensor: R sensed = ∞
  • Wet Sensor: R sensed = 0



Power Supply: 0 a 16 Vcc 0 ó 12 Vca (between 1 and 2 Khz)
Output Dry < 20mV
Wet > 50mV
Sensed area: 57 x 52 mm
Cable length: 5 mts
Bracket: Metal base with mounting rod

*Other specifications and ranges available upon request.

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