GSM 2G / 3G Rain Recorder with solar panel EP 1222

Pluviografo Pegasus TS1222

Featured Features:

  • High reliability.
  • GSM 2G/3G.
  • High accuracy and autonomy.
  • Calibrated pickup ring.
  • Solid state memory.
  • Easy installation.
  • USB communication port.
  • EP0010 mounting tripod.

The TECMES Pluviograph, Model EP 1222 is a device designed to record in a solid state memory, the precipitation detected by means of a tilting bucket.

The rain, collected by a catchment mouth of calibrated diameter, is conducted by means of a single-piece funnel to the internal receiver that discharges on a tilting bucket.

When you dump it, a magnetic contact (reed switch) without mechanicallinkage with the bucket emits a digital signal.

This digital signal is sent to the solid-state recorder that is located under the platform that supports the precipitation sensor.

The equipment is supplied with the very easy-to-operate Model TP 02 software, which by means of an oriented menu allows the configuration of the pluviograph and the downloading of memory data.

It is also possible through this soft check the operation of the bucket or inspect the data already stored in the memory of recorded rainfall.

Its construction is robust and easyto install, requiring only a 45mm tube for assembly.

The power is through a battery that is charged by a solar panel integrated into the equipment.

Optionally, a 2G / 3G G5M transmission can be provided to a server for accessfrom anywhere with the Internet.

Sensor: Tipping bucket
Sensivity: : 0.25 mm
Operation range: 0 – 300 mm/h
Orifice Diameter: 200mm pickup ring
Accuracy: 4 % at 50 mm/h
Operating Temperature: -20 to + 60°C
Insect protection: Metal mesh in the funnel and in a water
Detector:: Reedswitch activated by a magnet
Recorder: In nonvolatile memory
Autonomy: 14.000 precipitation data
Autonomy of Alimentation: Unlimited
Leveling: Perlevel bubble
Building: In stainless materials
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  • T5 1222 Recorder with 2G / 3G communication.
  • 5AT2-P Web application software.