Floating Level Sensor TS310F

sensor de nivel por flotador TS310F

Featured Features:

  • Potentiometric type
  • Analog output
  • High accuracy
  • High durability
  • Easy installation

The TECMES Model TS 310 F float level sensor is especially used to measure the level of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.

The fluid level variations that occur in a shrink tube displaces a float of aging-resistant thermoplastic material, which, coupled with a non-tensile steel sheath, causesthe rotation of a calibrated pulley. This pulley is integral with its axis, a precision potentiometer, which fed with a reference voltaqe, generates an analog output proportional to the level variations.


Output V: 0,1 a 1,1 V range 1,10, 20 mts
0,1 a 0,6 V range 6 mts
0,1 a 2,1 V range 20 mts
Accuracy: ±0,1% Fe
Power supply: 4 V reference

*Other specifications and ranges available upon request.

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