Datalogger TS2631

datalogger Tecmes TS2631

Featured Features:

  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Modular and compact.
  • configuration and programming update of the firmware by USB port.
  • Transmission via cell phone / radio / satellite.
  • Large coverage.
  • Protected inputs / outputs.

The dataloggers of Line 2631 are measurement and data acquisition systems for industrial, meteorological or environmental sensors.

Its transmission through a cell phone equipment, by radio or satellite, makes it very versatile and applicable to remote telemetric stations.

Through a P.C. Acquired data is accessed easily and reliably.

It has standardized analog and digital inputs, which allows direct connection of sensors, both industrial and meteorological and environmental.

Its 12 V power supply and low consumption make it suitable for autonomous operation with batteries and solar panels.


The Acquisition Unit has multiple communication doors: RS232, USB, RS485, SDI12, (RS422 Optional).

These communication doors allow the equipment to easily communicate with Laptops, Satellite communication modems, cell phone, Radio modems etc.


The unit has statistical calculation programs on the input variables, such as maximums, minimums and averages.

As for the data, these are validated and processed with High and Low thresholds and Ascending and Descending slopes.

The standard modes of operation are:

  • Autonomous
  • Periodic
  • By interrogation
  • For events

Optionally, operation program appropriate to each speci!c need, requested by the user, can be provided.

CPU: Low power processor,
32-bit CMOS technology.
Data storage memory: 16 MB FLASH, not volatile
Data register: FIFO, 30.000 data per channel
Real time clock: Accuracy ±1min / month;
Communication Ports: USB, RS232, RS485, SDI12, Ethernet, (RS422 Optional)
Analog inputs: 16 common mode / 8 di!erentials
+ 1 for battery voltage measurement
Converter AD: 16 bit resolution
Input levels: 0 – 4 V or 4 – 20 mA
Accurancy: ±0,04% de Fs (0 – 40ºC)
Protections: In all – in out, by gaseous protectors,
inductor and semiconductor
Digital inputs / outputs: 1 port RS 232; RS 485; USB
8/ 16 digital contact inputs
1 Rain Gauge input, with debounce and
fault detection.
1 SDI12 Port capable of directional up to 15 sensors
Outputs:  2 for sensor supply
12Vcc- 100mA
Power Supply: 9-16 Vcc
Range of operation: -40ºC to +60ºC – Standard
(In environments without condensation)
Enclosure: Metallic with treatment
233 x 186 x 80 mm.
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