Rain Recorder 2G / 3G TS1240

pluviógrafo GSM


The TECMES Model TS 1240 Pluviograph is a device for the measurement, storage and transrnission of precipltatlon data by means of a tilting bucket.

lhe rain, collected by a catchment mouth of calibrated díameter, is conducted by means of a síngle-píece funnel to the internal receíver that discharges on a tilting bucket.

When you dump it, a magnetic contact (reed switch); wíthout mechanical linkage with the bucket emits a digital signal.

Thís digital signal is sent to the TS 2040 datalogger.

Its implementation optímizes energy use, operating with 4 alkaline batteries D achíeving autonomies of up to 12 months (according to defined rneasurernent and recording times).

Data transrnission is done by 2G / 3G cell phone to a server with access by usernarne and password.

In this way, data is accessed online frorn any site with an Internet browser sirnply through a username and password.

In this site you can access the latest data received, it is possible to download historical data, plot it between dates, view them on a rnap, etc.


Sensor: Tipping bucket
Sensitivity: 0.25 mm
Operation range:  0 – 300 mm/h
Orifice Diameter: 200mm pickup ring
Accuracy: +/-1 % to 50 mm/h
Operating Temperature: -20 to + 60°C
Insect Protection: Metal mesh in the funnel and in a water discharge
Detector: Reedswitch activated by a magnet


Registration Period: 10, 15, 20, 60, 120, 360, 720 minutes
Registered Data: Averageduring measurement time
Data memory: 30.000 reords
Local connection: Port USB
Wireless connection: RF o 2G / 3G
Power Supply:: 4 Alkaline Batteries D
Autonomy: up te 12 months
Enclosure:: IP65 – suitable outdoors
Dimensions: D: 210 x 160 x 110mm
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