Radar Level Sensor TS 314 R

Featured Features:

  • Measurement without !uid contact
  • High accuracy, not a”ected by temperature
  • Easy installation

The TS314 R Radar Level sensor is an ideal device for all typical applications in the water and sanitation sector.

It is particularly suitable for level measurement in the treatment of water, eeffluents, river channels, etc.

The device emits an extremely short microwave pulse through its antenna. The signal sent is re€ected by the product and echoed by the antenna.

Its operation is based on the measurement of the time elapsed between the emission and reception of the microwave signals that is proportional to the distance between the sensor and the water hair.


Measurement range: up to 8 meters
Measurement error: +/- 5 mm
Process connection: Thread G 1 1/2
Operating temperature: -40ºC  +60ºC
Working voltage: 12-35V DC
Outputs: 4-20mA

The parts of the equipment in contact with the medium are made of Valox, PBT or PP.

The connection cable has a PUR insulation.

*Other specications and ranges available upon request.

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